Thank you for visiting our website. As a free gift to you, we would like to give you this printable guide to giving better feedback. Post it by your desk as reminder to develop good habits for giving great feedback.

Situation: You learn about a behavior problem with one of your team members. You know that you need to confront it, but this confrontation could easily go wrong. How can you make this negative situation into a positive step forward and even engage this challenging team member? – You can!

The FREE one-page PDF guide has 8 steps for better corrective feedback and it is print-ready for you to post or share. Feel free to print multiple copies as a way to encourage good corrective feedback in your environment. This guide could serve as a point of discussion for a team meeting. Please let us know the results. We need feedback too!

This guide flows out of the values that we teach about employee engagement and development. It also exemplifies our teaching on getting results from your team while valuing relationships at the same time. We believe that there are 5 basic practices that every leader must do to be effective.

Our purpose is – Developing effective leaders who live with integrity and purpose, positively impacting their organizations and communities.