Ken Blanchard - presented by Lead International in India

Ken Blanchard – presented by Lead International in India

LEAD only offers business training solutions around the client’s strategic people development needs. LEAD’s executive network along with our partner companies have developed and delivered a variety of unique training solutions for international organizations. These unique training solutions have allowed LEAD’s clients to:

  • Achieve better organizational results through more effective usage of people.
  • Establish the foundation for a comprehensive leadership/management training program for targeted organizational levels.
  • Enable Senior Management to determine, communicate, and evaluate the appropriate leadership competencies for future leaders.
  • Link individual leadership development to organizational strategy.
  • Develop individual leadership development plans for participants based on a variety of organizational and individual learning processes.

LEAD Solutions

LEAD is proud to provide the SERVE leadership model to their clients in a variety of formats. The SERVE Leadership model, examines five leadership practices in the context of an “others centered” philosophy.
LEAD has a specialized team of US leaders who are able to speak practically on the subject of customer service. These trainings have created considerable interest among organizations who are challenged with differentiating themselves in a growing market. The unique training format features executives who have been practicing this unique customer service approach for a number of years and who share frankly the challenges and rewards from a commitment to add value.
LEAD’s unique network of US and international business leaders offer clients real world perspective on the practical applications of strategic and tactical decisions. These business leaders share a common passion for developing and equipping current and future leaders.