Create a Leadership Culture Shift

Ken Blanchard – presented by Lead International in India

Lead International will guide your organization in developing a leadership culture transformation. Each leader will be challenged with the 5 practices that leaders must know and do:

  • See and Shape the Future (Vision)
  • Engage and Develop Others (Engagement)
  • Reinvent Continuously (Innovation)
  • Value Results and Relationships (Productivity)
  • Embody the Values (Values)

secret_bookMark Miller and Ken Blanchard identified these five principles in their book The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do by Blanchard and Miller. Their work captures the principles of SERVE in a creative story form that is practical and easily digestible.

Participant Testimonial

Lead International

Lead International – Abraham facing a challenging exercise

“When Abraham was promoted and got a large team to handle, we didn’t think he had it in him to do it. But in the this last year, he has “justified” his role by “serving everybody”. He “trusts people” and even when they make mistakes, he supports them. The new people in the team are more engaged.”

 –comments from Abraham’s team member upon completion of SERVE program

SERVE Leadership Workshop Delivery

Assessment and Accountability: Participants will evaluate their strengths and weaknesses for each leadership practice and identify specific action plans for growth. Additionally, the workshop enables organizations to help shape and sharpen the leadership values that are most vital to delivering their brand promise.

Tailored delivery formats: The workshop is offered in either half-day or full-day formats. In order to facilitate the learning process, the sessions include a self-assessment tool based upon the 5 practices of a leader.

Level focused formats: Each level of an organization requires a specialized approach. We have formats for Frontline (LeadXtreme), Mid-level (Lead Emerge), and CXO/Executive (Lead Executive). Each have unique delivery formats and provide a mixture of full-day and half-day sessions.

Leadership training solutions

Level targeted formats – blending full and half-day engagements

SERVE Leadership Transformation

Cultural Transformation: Companies that are interested in making cultural shifts across the organization should consider the SERVE Leadership Transformation approach. This approach goes well beyond traditional training and incorporates methods that ensure long-term assimilation of the SERVE leadership principles. Among the many organizational challenges that will be addressed, this type of approach is designed to provide the following key results:

  • Reduce Attrition
  • Increase Employee Engagement
  • Increase Employee Development
  • Develop a “Coaching Culture”
  • Increase Trust Levels
  • Increase Employee Performance

Participant Testimonial

Lead International -Cheran growing as a leader

“I was inspired by the quotation ‘The quality of character does not make a leader but its absence flaws the entire process.‘ I started using it in my recruitments focusing on hiring people with good character.”

 –Cheran, HR

Training is not enough: Sessions are structured to be delivered over a period of time in order to ensure maximum impact and assimilation of the principles. Proprietary feedback loops and accountability elements challenge the participants and the organization toward long-term transformation.

Targeted Solution Matrix

Targeted Solution Matrix

The sessions are designed to:

  • Educate and empower leaders to be more serving and less self-serving.
  • Create organization-wide awareness of what great leaders know and do.
  • Define leadership and recognize behaviors that great leaders demonstrate when serving those they lead.
  • Inspire managers who want to increase employee engagement and initiative.
  • Support a culture change that embraces an attitude of service to others.

Participant Testimonial

leadership training graduates

SERVE testimonial – Nita and her transformed leaders

“I was deeply impacted by [the session on] “what gets measured gets done” and proceeded to find a way to measure the RM team’ s work and create benchmarks which helped with parameters necessary to downsize the department. While letting go of people, I was able to “give them dignity” and so balance both results and relationships.”Nita, Back Office Operations

Note: Nita’s team was able to double efficiency with half as many team members. Team morale and engagement went up and department costs were reduced. Customer satisfaction was significantly improved.